My Last Week in the USA


My Last Week in the USA

Saturday: Shopping with my aunt for conservative clothing that will follow the dress code of India. After about 4-5 hours of shopping, we went for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings

Sunday: My hair after 4 hours of sitting in the hair dressers chair, I decided to get box braids for my months abroad.

Monday: My aunt and my cousin visited me to say their goodbyes. They both left me with gifts that would enhance my experience in India.

Tuesday: Last “official date night” with my boyfriend. Went to see Ride Along, it was hilarious!

Wednesday: My clothing waiting to be put in my suitcase, the smallest amount I have ever packed. I’ll be buying most of my clothing in India.

Thursday: Said my goodbyes to my family in the airport and I am now currently ON MY WAY to New Delhi, India


8 thoughts on “My Last Week in the USA

  1. Aliyah M. Jones

    I hope you enjoy your months in India. I am truly proud that you are embarking on this academic journey. Thanks for being a good remodel for Joshua and I. I will miss you but have Fun and make great friends! ❤

  2. AnnMarie Jones

    Hope your 2nd day in Delhi is going well. We’re thinking of you. Stay Safe. Shawanda is sad that she didn’t get to wish you goodbye before you left. I told her I’d pass on her info to you. Looking forward to your blogging. I love you sweetpea.

  3. Jeanette Richardson

    Hi Christina, My name is Jeanette and I work with your Mom. I am so proud of you. You’re a very blessed young lady. I have always wanted to visit India. You’re living my dream. I’m so excited for you. Enjoy your trip and let me know if you need anything. I have many residents from India.

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