Namastē (नमस्ते)


I’M IN INDIA!! I still can’t believe I am here, but it is real. Yesterday was the first day of orientation and it was the first day we were allowed to leave the “guest house”. Guest house is another name for a hotel. First day of orientation left me excited and motivated for this upcoming semester. The academic director started by saying that the reason we are here is because our karma landed us here. All the effort I put into my last semester and winter break preparing for this trip has payed off because I am currently living my dream. They welcomed us with red paste and rice (Tilakā), red string bracelet (Kalava) and a garland, showing that they will protect and care for us while we are in their country. It was also there way of celebrating a beginning of a long time friendship.


Tilakā (Red Paste and Rice) and Garland


Kalava (Friendship Bracelet)

We have many more days of orientation, they include orientations on health, academics, safety, culture, gender, culture shock, and an introduction to India. We will also have some time to tour Delhi! I already took some pictures from the program center back to our hotel, the neighborhood is an up and coming middle class area. There is a mixture of smog, children, dogs, construction.


11 thoughts on “Namastē (नमस्ते)

  1. AnnMarie Jones

    I enjoy reading and learning about your new home:). God bless you my sweet girl. Enjoy learning all these great things India has to offer. Mommy

  2. Oh my goodness sweetie! You are in India! What a great experience for you! I am so thrilled that you get to experience life outside of the US. Please, please, please enjoy your experience there and before I sign off – here’s a bit of advice for you: Soak it ALL in! Make sure you take lots of pictures and keep blogging! Once your back home, you’ll reflect on your writings! Enjoy your journey love 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your support Tiana! I will definitely take lots of pictures and I’ll try to continue blogging but it has been hard because of limited access to internet but I will definitely be “journaling”.

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