D.I.E Exercise with the Okhla slum


D-I-E is a tool or system for discerning among the facts, interpretation of such facts within specific socio-cultural contexts, and subjective evaluations of such information from passionate and opinionated positions. D-I-E stands for Description, Interpretation and Evaluation. Below is my D-I-E for the Okhla slums which is supported by the Hope Foundation who are supported by the Indian government.



A young woman, 21 years old, joined the slum in July 2013 after marrying her husband in May. She is currently six months pregnant and is enrolled in the Mothers’ Group. The mother’s group teaches women about the right food to eat while pregnant, how to clean their home and basic things they should know. With the help of the Hope Foundation, every month, the people in this specific slum celebrate Nutrition and Health Day and after attending she told her family she was pregnant to receive the most influential vitamins for her baby’s growth such as iron and follicle. Traditionally, women keep their pregnancy a secret, but with NHD, women learn the positives of telling their families’ as soon as they know they are pregnant.


Having the support system of the Hope Foundation is helping many women in this community. Women are using the resources to help their family and their newborns. Many more women are having successful births because of this organization. There are high infant and maternal mortality rates in India and the Mothers’ group is decreasing the rates by educating new mothers on their bodies and their growth. Women like the 21 year old, that are unknowledgeable on much needed vitamins and lactating are benefiting from this group as well as their children and husbands. It seems as if there are a lot more success stories than disaster stories.


Overall, I think this foundation is helping the people of the Okhla slums. They seem to be benefiting from programs like the Mothers’ Group and Street to School. The good thing about this organization is they are not intruding on the slum families they are basically integrated within the community. I think if the slum wants to continue to develop they should continue to follow Hope Worldwide initiatives.  However I have only been in India for almost two weeks and only visited one slum, I cannot really make strong judgments based on one slum without being able to compare it to others and other organizations that are trying to help. Nonetheless, I am hopeful for the future of this slum and the young people within it.


3 thoughts on “D.I.E Exercise with the Okhla slum

  1. Wow what interesting perspective Christina! I like the D-I-E system, and honestly it is the first I ever heard of it so thanks for introducing that to us! What’s interesting to look at are the differences between a developing countries, like India, and the United States. There are so many religious and cultural differences between the two countries. There’s also the stark contrast between pregnant women (like the 21 year old you mentioned) in India in comparison to pregnant women in the United States. I am very hopeful for these people as well and glad to see foundations helping the underserved communities! Can’t wait to read your next blog entry!

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