Seeing Gettysburg Abroad


Seeing Gettysburg Abroad

I recently found out that Gettysburg College awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Public Service to the founders of the Comprehensive Rural Health Project – Jamkhed, Drs. Rajanikant and Mabelle Arole in 1985. I am currently doing my Independent Study Project at their organization. Small World? I think so!


My Last Week in the USA


My Last Week in the USA

Saturday: Shopping with my aunt for conservative clothing that will follow the dress code of India. After about 4-5 hours of shopping, we went for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings

Sunday: My hair after 4 hours of sitting in the hair dressers chair, I decided to get box braids for my months abroad.

Monday: My aunt and my cousin visited me to say their goodbyes. They both left me with gifts that would enhance my experience in India.

Tuesday: Last “official date night” with my boyfriend. Went to see Ride Along, it was hilarious!

Wednesday: My clothing waiting to be put in my suitcase, the smallest amount I have ever packed. I’ll be buying most of my clothing in India.

Thursday: Said my goodbyes to my family in the airport and I am now currently ON MY WAY to New Delhi, India